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Real estate agency specialising in real estate in Palma de Mallorca. With a large real estate portfolio in Mallorca, Balearic Dreams is a company with a strong presence in the real estate market in Palma de Mallorca..


We are a leading holiday rental agency in Mallorca. 100% satisfied customers.


Find the long term rental in Mallorca that best suits your needs.


You are just one step away from finding the house of your dreams, our experience is our guarantee.


Balearic Dreams is a real estate agency specialising in real estate in Palma de Mallorca. With a large real estate portfolio in Mallorca, Balearic Dreams is a company with a solid foothold in the real estate market in Palma de Mallorca.

The entrepreneurial spirit of BALEARIC DREAMS is guided by its continuous search for innovation, ensuring positive results for its clients.

We have been a leading real estate agency in Mallorca for more than 10 years. Speed, Guarantee, Professionalism.


  1. Our huge property portfolio – you can choose from the widest range of the most sought after properties on the island
  2. Our Local insight – we know our island and its properties better than anyone else – if it exists, we will find it for you
  3. Our extensive network of collaborators – even if we don’t have it in our books, it won’t stop us from presenting it to you if we think it could match your criteria
  4. Our personalised approach – you will be assigned your personal agent who will be dedicated to you and your search
  5. Our language skills – we will match you with someone who speaks your language so that important details don’t get lost in translation and your dream is 100% understood

Don’t Waste Your Precious Time

  1. We understand what you need – with over 35 years of experience we have learned how to match clients’ needs with ideal properties, fast and effectively
  2. Our professional team will always provide you with honest and expert advice
  3. We know our properties inside out and we’re not afraid to tell you when something is not for you
  4. We are a big team which means that we can adjust to you and your schedules – one of us will always to free to attend to you no matter how limited your availability is


  1. We will keep you informed on any changes on the market so you don’t have to worry about missing out on great opportunities
  2. Feel free to be different – This is Ibiza(!) we are used to extraordinary requests from extraordinary people. Every one of our clients is unique, and we love that!
  3. We’ll be your eyes – If you can’t make it to the island, no problem. We’ll take you on a personal tour of your dream home via Facetime
  4. We take care of everything – found the ideal property? Now sit back and let us negotiate the best deal for you until all is set and all you need to do is sign and pop the cork
  5. We work with your legal team – ensuring a hassle-free, smooth and quick purchase
  6. We give you guarantees – unlike so many other realtors on the island we actually have certified licenses and insurances in place to make sure that both you and ourselves are protected from cases of fraud or extortion
  7. We’re always there for you – even after a purchase we remain at your disposal for helping out with bureaucratic necessities and putting you in touch with any professionals and service providers you might need here in the future. Whether its dealing with your utility suppliers or considering a complete renovation, we are there to help and offer you sound advice.


  1. Personal buyer servicethe real stress free alternative! Trust us with the exclusive search for your ideal property and receive the best options from the entire Ibiza real estate market.


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